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FREE SeminarTriple Your Referrals!

Learn how you can triple your referrals in 4 simple steps, by using your existing customers as brand ambassadors.

Small Business Tackle Box™Make your business more successful and more profitable!

The Small Business Tackle Box™ is specifically designed for small businesses in the service sector. Businesses like marketing and communications agencies, designers, sign makers, painters, plumbers, landscapers, dry cleaners, auto repair shops, gift shops, clothing stores, restaurants, caterers, and any other business that provides services directly to consumers and other businesses.

The Fishing Guide - Live WebcastLive business and life advice every week from Rick Jones.

Analog Advice In A Digital WorldGet The Book!

Analog Advice In A Digital WorldIn our digital age, we can forget how much there is to learn from analog age wisdom.

In today’s information-flooded landscape, we have all of the facts but forget how to implement them in our lives. Millennials have more information than ever before, but often lack the wisdom that’s usually passed down from generation to generation.

In his book, Analog Advice in a Digital World, Rick Jones compiles wisdom that he has collected over his many years of experience. These quotes and nuggets of advice from a seasoned baby boomer will help the Millennial generation and all of those who will come after to succeed in the workplace and in life. All it takes is a healthy dose of timeless knowledge, combined with the endless information available, to be a modern-day success.

The Business TitheNew Book By Rick Jones!

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