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The Business Tithe

The American economy and its local communities are built on the backs of small businesses across the country. Small business owners create value for customers, jobs for associates, and major contributions to the communities they serve.

In his new book, THE BUSINESS TITHE, Rick Jones provides a detailed seven step process for every small business owner to improve the “bottom line” in order to give back more to the community.

Order THE BUSINESS TITHE for only $5 and all of the purchase price will be donated by us to one of the seven charities listed below. You check the one you wish to support.

  • EPWORTH CHILDREN’S HOME – A charity to serve displaced children, youth and families through a caring, accepting and safe Christian community, where hurts are healed; hope is nurtured; and faith in God self and others is developed.
  • THE MIKE SLIVE FOUNDATION FOR PROSTATE CANCER RESEARCH – a charity started by the late SEC Commissioner, Mike Slive, dedicated to cutting edge research for and awareness of prostate cancer.
  • SYLVIA’S CHILDREN – A charity benefiting an orphanage in Uganda, Africa started by event marketing maven, Sylvia Allen. The orphanage now has a chicken and pig farm, health care center, a primary and secondary school, and provides college scholarships for deserving children from the village.
  • COVENANT HOUSE – A home for runaway or displaced teens in New York City and other major cities that provides a safe and nurturing environment and thoughtful counseling to get these teens back on their feet.
  • SAMARITAN’S FEET – a charity that provides shoes for children that have none around the world
  • COACH TO CURE MD – a charitable endeavor of Parent Project Duchene’s, dedicated to finding a cure for the number one genetic killer of boys, Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy
  • THE V FOUNDATION FOR CANCER RESEARCH – a charity started by the late college basketball coach and television personality Jim Valvano with ESPN to fund cancer research

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Small Business Tackle Box™

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The Small Business Tackle Box™ is specifically designed for small businesses in the service sector. Businesses like marketing and communications agencies, designers, sign makers, painters, plumbers, landscapers, dry cleaners, auto repair shops, gift shops, clothing stores, restaurants, caterers, and any other business that provides services directly to consumers and other businesses.
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The Fishing Guide - Live Webcast

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Analog Advice In A Digital World

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Analog Advice In A Digital World

In our digital age, we can forget how much there is to learn from analog age wisdom.

In today’s information-flooded landscape, we have all of the facts but forget how to implement them in our lives. Millennials have more information than ever before, but often lack the wisdom that’s usually passed down from generation to generation.

In his book, Analog Advice in a Digital World, Rick Jones compiles wisdom that he has collected over his many years of experience. These quotes and nuggets of advice from a seasoned baby boomer will help the Millennial generation and all of those who will come after to succeed in the workplace and in life. All it takes is a healthy dose of timeless knowledge, combined with the endless information available, to be a modern-day success.