Fridays Are Sales Days

In the 1960s Academy Award winning motion picture Never on Sunday, Greek actress Melina Mercouri plays a prostitute who never “works” on Sunday. I might suggest we steal that concept and vow to never make new business sales calls on Mondays. After all, all God’s children hate Mondays. Including me and thee.

Here’s why I hate selling on Mondays. Firstly, most people are tired from their weekends and are not in a frame of mind to receive an unsolicited sales call. Secondly, if you present a complex proposal on a Monday, chances are the rest of the week’s activities will get in the way of the prospect actually considering your proposal.

I use Mondays as internal days at FishBait. I start with time for strategic thinking, followed by calls with each of my team members, followed by calls to our key existing clients. Mondays are days used best for planning.

Conversely, all God’s children LOVE Fridays. We should rename Friday to Sellday. I try to make at least one sales call each and every Friday. Think about it. People are in a good mood. They like taking meetings on Fridays (or even better, meals and/or drinks) and, once they see your proposal, they will spend the weekend thinking about your offer or concept and pondering the possibilities. Complex sales requires the targeted prospect to reflect on the information you’ve provided and to consider how to best apply that to what’s important to them. I like having them doing that over a weekend, without the normal day-to-day interruptions and disruptions.

My batting average over my career from initial meetings on Fridays is significantly above those from any other days. Try it for six months and let me know how it worked for you.

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