A Weekly System

I have made a living based on creating and implementing BIG CREATIVE IDEAS that break through the clutter.  Creativity seems to be more of an art than a science, but the old coach in me begs for structure, process and systems.  So, I’ve organized my week to be both creative and structured, with the goal of being creatively productive. Sunday […]

A Case For Rest & Relaxation

I just got back home from an eight day vacation in St. Kitts in the Caribbean. A vacation with a little bit of activity and a whole lot of rest and relaxation. Some businesspersons will tell you that vacations are for wimps. I totally disagree with that kind of thinking. I had a terrific former […]

In Praise Of Marketing Annuities

Most everyone understands financial annuities. The Webster Dictionary defines an annuity as “an amount payable yearly or at other regular intervals.” I think one of the most undervalued and underrated assets in marketing is the MARKETING ANNUITY. These are the campaigns that last for a long time and become part of the fabric of our […]

The Need For Strategic Thinking

Today’s topic is Strategic Thinking. Or, rather the lack thereof. We live (and communicate) in the IMMEDIATE, and, frankly, that’s not so good for THINKING. Our Puritan DNA makes us believe that if we are not DOING something or RESPONDING immediately at all times, then we are not working. We don’t seem to realize that […]

Fridays Are Sales Days

In the 1960s Academy Award winning motion picture Never on Sunday, Greek actress Melina Mercouri plays a prostitute who never “works” on Sunday. I might suggest we steal that concept and vow to never make new business sales calls on Mondays. After all, all God’s children hate Mondays. Including me and thee. Here’s why I […]