A Weekly System

I have made a living based on creating and implementing BIG CREATIVE IDEAS that break through the clutter.  Creativity seems to be more of an art than a science, but the old coach in me begs for structure, process and systems.  So, I’ve organized my week to be both creative and structured, with the goal of being creatively productive.

Sunday I call DREAMS day.  I go to church, get some rest, do some reading, cook a new dish for dinner each week and take time to Dream about my life, my business and my hobbies. And, write those dreams down in a journal.

Monday is GOALS day.  I start the day leading a Men’s Bible  Study  group.  The rest of the day is largely spent on conference calls with our staff and our properties clients, where we can articulate the goals we hope to accomplish  for them for that week. I spend a lot of time looking at and revising our business goals each Monday.

Tuesday is PLANS day. I spend most of the day working on various assignments and deliverables, scheduling sales calls and making travel arrangements. And, writing  or monitoring all our plans.

Wednesday is SERVICE day. I write a lot each Wednesday, do a radio talk show feature and finish client activities. I also try to do some charitable work each Wednesday.

Thursday is IMPLEMENTATION day.  I post on social media and often travel for client or sales meetings.  It’s a big GET-IT-DONE day for me.

Friday is (well, you already know) SALES day.  This is THE day to sell new ideas and products.

Saturday is FUN day.  With family and friends. It’s my day for hobbies like gardening, cooking, fishing and watching sports.

I try to find  some time every day for prayer, exercise and my REWARD FOR THE DAY. So, do you have a weekly system?  I encourage you to develop one.



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Rick Jones
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