A Case For Rest & Relaxation

I just got back home from an eight day vacation in St. Kitts in the Caribbean. A vacation with a little bit of activity and a whole lot of rest and relaxation. Some business persons will tell you that vacations are for wimps. I totally disagree with that kind of thinking.

I had a terrific former boss in Chuck Jarvie. He insisted that every business owner and executive should take a minimum of four weeks of vacation each year in order to recharge the batteries. He understood what Vince Lombardi meant when he said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

Running a business is a full time, all consuming activity but everyone needs to get away from it all and rest and recover in order to do their job to the best of their ability. Leadership demands concentration and total commitment. You cannot do either if you are constantly tired, both mentally and physically.

For my vacations, I’ve learned to not only leave the country but to also leave behind both my computer and my cell phone. That way no one can interrupt my vacation time and allows me to get the necessary R&R that I need without any disturbances. I also try not to think about the business until the flight home. On those flights, I take out a new notebook and write down any new thoughts I have on the business and ways to improve what we are doing.

Each time I return from a vacation trip, I’m ready to get back to running the business. With fresh ideas, fresh legs and fresh optimism.

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